How to Help An Injured Hummingbird

If you find an injured hummingbird on the ground, there are things you can do to help ensure the bird’s survival until you can get it to a wild life rehabilitation expert. The information contained in this post comes from Project Wildlife, which may be contacted at the following phone number in order to obtain further information: (619) 225-9202.

You will want to place the injured hummingbird and the material it is sitting on, on some crumpled tissue in a small box which has some holes in the lid. This is to ensure that the bird is receiving enough air.

You should always use tissue or paper towels, NOT a wash cloth. The reason for this is because the bird’s feet may become entangled in the cloth. In addition, you should provide the bird with a low heat source. A word of caution here: you must be certain not to overheat the bird. So, how will you know if the hummingbird is overheated? If it starts open-mouth breathing or its neck is outstretched, it is too hot.

Hummingbirds must eat frequently and will die within four hours if not fed. Offer adult hummers a sugar water mixture of 1 part sugar to four parts water. Hummingbird babies that are fed sugar water or commercial hummingbird nectar for more than 24 hours may develop crippling deformities.

If you find an injured hummingbird, please get it to a wildlife rehabilitation expert as quickly as is humanly possible. Until then, following the information listed above will help the bird have the best possible chance of survival.

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