This Site is dedicated to Barbara June Hinds, my late mother, who died on October 16, 2006.

My mom was a person who loved working in the yard, growing flowers and plants, or just being outside enjoying the sunshine. Mom also loved to watch hummingbirds! Each spring and fall, mom would eagerly anticipate the birds’ arrival to our yard. As a way to entice and attract the hummingbirds, there were numerous hummingbird feeders and various plants favored by hummingbirds placed around the yard.

The family, especially mom, loved to sit on the back porch and watch the hummingbirds feed at the feeders or while they were in flight. It is impossible for me to think of hummingbirds without also remembering the pleasure and enjoyment my mom had while watching them.

My mom died before I ever began learning or writing about hummingbirds. If she were still alive today, I believe, she would be pleased, proud, and even fascinated by all that I have learned since I began studying about hummingbirds. Mom loved hearing all kinds of interesting trivia or facts about nature or animals, so I know that she would enjoy the information contained on this site.

I hope you enjoying sharing in this site with me. I hope your knowledge, love, and admiration of hummingbirds will continue to grow. Happy hummingbird watching everyone!

Yours truly,
Zoe Ann Hinds

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Zoe, I have planted Weigela several timse for the purpose of attracting hummingbird and we still have one planting in our yard here in Chickasha. I have never been able to find any nectar in the flowers. Hummingbirds have been observed to check the tubular flowers but they don’t seem to feed and really seem to ignore it! I am wondering if anyone else has experienced Weigela which does have flowers containing nectar or is it recommended only because of the tubular flowers?

So sweet that you set this website up in your mother’s memory. Very touching. You are a good and loving daughter.


Hummingbirds have been a hobby and a passion of mine for many years. I just finally turned my passion and knowledge into a blog. You would be surprised how much one can really learn about a subject which they so enjoy.

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