Earn the Trust of the Hummingbirds

While hummingbirds may seem quite fearless, it will take time for the hummingbirds to get used to you and come around you without fear.  Hummingbirds are such extremely tiny creatures that to them we humans must seem like giants.  As a result, we must prove to the hummingbirds that we will not harm them.  There are several things that you can do to help the hummingbirds feel more comfortable around you.

It is very important that your movements are very slow and deliberate, as you do not want your actions to scare the hummingbirds in any way whatsoever.  Establish a time where you can go out and sit with the hummingbirds on a daily basis, as this will get them comfortable with your presence.  It is also good to chance your feeders during the daylight hours because this will allow the hummingbirds the opportunity to know who is responsible for providing their food source. 

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