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What is the Longest Hummingbird Mirgration?

It  is important to note that not all species of hummingbirds migrate.  Of those species of hummingbirds that do migrate, the exact length of the migratory journey will depend on the exact species of hummingbird you are referring, 

Today’s post offers a bit of hummingbird trivia.  I hope you will enjoy discovering this bit of hummingbird trivia.  I seemed to have inherited my love of hummingbirds and trivia facts from my mom, so this post makes me think of her because she would be interested in the the information on which species of hummingbird has the longest migratory journey.  

The Rufous Hummingbird is the species with the longest migratory journey,  It is up to 3000 miles in length because its breeding range is in Alaska and its winter range is in Mexico.   No wonder hummingbirds need to gain so much weight just prior to making their migratory journey!

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