Just How Smart are Hummingbirds?

It is a well known fact that hummingbirds are extremely intelligent animals.  That said, just how intelligent are hummingbirds?  The answer to this question may truly amaze you. 

As absolutely amazing as this seems, a hummingbird possess the intelligence to remember every single flower they have ever visited and how long it will take for that flower to once again refill,so they can once again feed from it!  A hummingbird also follows the same migratory route each and every year.  Once a hummingbird discovers that your yard has hummingbird feeders and various plants that attract that attract them they will return there year after year because it will provide them will a dependable food source.

The brain of a hummingbird is 4.2 % of its total body weight, which is the largest proportion of any member of the bird kingdom.  So physical size isn’t what really matters, but rather it is all about brain power and hummingbirds have certainly proven that they have plenty of that.


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