Hummingbird Food

It is Officially Winter

According to our local meteorologist, today is the first official day of winter. I know that many of you are probably thinking that you have been experiencing winter weather for some time already now. I understand. I’m just letting you know that according to the calendar it is now officially the winter season. That said, I thought I’d offer you a reminder about the winter feeding of hummingbirds.
Just because it is now winter and the weather results in freezing temperatures, it is not necessary to put anything additional in a winter hummingbird feeder except sugar water. As a result of the colder temperatures, you will probably want to change the ratio used to make your nectar solution from the usual 4:1 mix to 3:1 to help retard the freezing of the nectar solution. 
Even during the cold winter season hummingbirds are able to replenish their fat and supply their need for protein. They do so by capturing tiny free-flying insects and even by gleaning small invertebrates from twigs and bark. Another way they do this is by hanging around "sapsucker wells" that attract insects and provide carbohydrates via tree sap.

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