Hummingbird Food

Perennials Which Attract Hummingbirds

The following are some types of perennials that are known to attract hummingbirds.  It is my hope these suggestions will enspire you to want to think about what you can plant in your own yard to help attract the hummingbirds. 


Due to the fact that each area of the country has different planting zones or types of plants that are known to grow well in that region of the country, it is impossible for me to know if these specific plants will work for each of you or not.  My desire is to get you to be thinking about this matter so that you will be prepared when it is time to deciede what to plant in your yard.  If you need further advice on this subject, please consult your local garden center or  plant nursery for further advice.


Agastache – Tutti Frutti, Heather Queen, Apricot Sprite and Rupestris.
Bee Balm 
Canna lily

You will be glad you planted some of the suggestions, because by doing so you will  combining the two most popular outdoor activities:  gardening and birdwatching.  You will give the birds a natural food souce and you will be beautifying your yard at the same time. 

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