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Why Hummingbirds Aren’t Visiting Your Feeder

If you know that there are hummingbirds in your area, but the birds don’t seem to be visiting your feeder, you may be wondering the reason for this and how to solve the issue.  This post will offer you some possible explanations and ways to help you solve the problem.

If this occurs during nesting time, the hummingbirds will be far less likely to come to your feeders because they are focused on feeding their young insects.  Following the departure of the young from the nest and also during the fall migration you should see an increase in the number of hummingbirds that are visiting your feeder.

Also, you may actually live in an area that is a poor hummingbird habitat.  In other words, you live in an area that has few flowers, trees, or shrubs that hummingbirds like and therefore fewer numbers of hummingbirds visit the area.

This next explanation may surprise or even shock you.  Yes, it is actually possible that you may live in too good a habitat.  If there are too many plants, flowers, or shrubs in your area which attract hummingbirds, then the birds may have no need to visit the feeders in the area.  Therefore, the natural food supply is so abundantly available and this makes alternate food sources (feeders) unnecessary. 

The hummingbirds in the area may not be interested in your feeder, due to the fact that it is possible for individual hummingbirds to develop their own particular feeding patterns and be influenced by their prior experiences.

Another simple explanation why there are no hummingbirds at your feeder is because it is breeding season.  The birds may have gone elsewhere to do their breeding.
The feeding solution in your feeder may have fermented or gone sour. Generally speaking, the feeder should be cleaned every two to three days.    Don’t leave your feeders empty for too long and be sure to change the nectar solution if it has gone bad.  These things will definitely cause the hummingbirds to stay away from your feeder and winning back the trust of these birds is a difficult thing to do.

Lastly, you just might not be noticing when the hummingbirds arrive in your area of the country.  If there are only a few hummingbird species found in your area of the country, then it would actually be quite easy for you to miss seeing them because hummingbirds spend very little of their time feeding.

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