Dear Mom

Of Mom and Hummingbirds

Today marks the third anniversary of your death mom.  That truly doesn’t seem possible.  Where has the time gone?  It has passsed far too quickly for me and I am constantly struck by how right you were when you told me many years ago that time seems to pass more quickly as we each get older.  I  miss you each and every day.  There is so much that I miss about having you here with us.  This post is about many of these things.

I miss the simple things like getting to hear your voice and talk with you, your wonderful sense of humor, your strong love of family, your enjoyment of flowers, plants and even hummingbirds.  Whenever I see a hummingbird or discover some new and interesting information about them I wish that you were still living so that I could share it with you.  It is my desire to do this that as inspired this blog and I truly enjoy getting to share my love and knowledge of hummingbirds with others, because it is just one of the many ways I strive to honor your memory.

While time has somewhat eased the pain of losing you, even after all this time, there are times when the pain of your loss truly strikes me once again.  It just serves to remind me that we all only have one mom and that no one will ever take that special place or fill that void.  You will forever be in my heart and I will always love you.  You were truly a remarkable women and mom and I am remembering you with love today with great love.

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