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The Temperature of a Nesting site is Important

Not many people have had the privilege of spotting a hummingbird’s nest, so count yourself lucky if you have had the privilege to do so.  Why don’t many people spot a hummingbird’s nest?  One reason for this maybe that the choice of a hummingbird’s nesting site is dependent on the temperature of the location.  Do you know why this is so important?  Well, if not you will discover the answer after reading this post.

Whenever selecting a nesting site the female must choose a location where the temperatures will remain below 96 degrees F.  Why?  The reason for this to help ensure that the eggs don’t literally fry in the extreme heat thus killing the embryos.  As a result, you will find more hummingbirds nest located at higher altitudes.  Hummingbirds will also commonly build their nest near the water, because the temperatures are known to be cooler there.

This post makes me think of my mom because I know that see would have enjoyed getting to witness the construction of a hummingbird nest, which I don’t believe she ever had the good fortune to do.  I would have also loved the opportunity to explain to her why the temperature of the nesting site is so very important.  Since that isn’t possible, I hope you have enjoyed the opportunity to discover this for yourself.

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