Dear Mom Hummingbird Feeders

Multiple Hummingbird Feeders

Our yard was always full of multiple hummingbird feeders.  Mom wanted the hummingbirds to have plenty of opportunities to feed and she believed  that having the multiple feeders in the yard would attract more of the hummingbirds that we so enjoyed watching.  The are indeed advantages to having multiple hummingbird  feeders throughout your yard and and this post will discuss them.  

My mom seemed to know that the best way to prevent a single hummingbird from monopolizing her feeders was to have multiple feeders and place them out of view of each other around our yard. She would also group a bunch of feeders together so that no single hummingbird can possibly defend each hummingbird feeder.

 Another thing that mom would do was to hang our nectar feeders at varying heights. It is interesting to note that different hummingbird species will favor and defend different hummingbird feeders that are at varying heights. I’m not sure if mom actually knew this or not or if she just liked the way the feeders looked when hanging at the varying heights.  Also, some hummingbird species like to feed at heights of 12 to 15 feet, while others typically feed on low growing flowers and will prefer feeders placed closer to the ground.   Our feeders were placed at 3 different heights which seemed to help to reduce aggression between hummingbirds.

 There are advantages to placing multiple feeders around your yard.  This is something my mom seemed to fully understand and I truly believe it to have been one of the many reasons that our yard was a hummingbird  haven.  If you are interested in attracting lots of hummingbirds to your yard, why not try placing multiple feeders around your yard?  You and the hummingbirds will be glad that you did so.

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