Dear Mom

A High Metabolic Rate

Mom, guess what?  A hummingbird has a very high metabolic rate.  I have discovered some very interesting things about this that I think you would have enjoyed knowing, because you always enjoyed interesting bits of trivia or facts.  Since I can’t share them with you personally I will honor your memory and fun loving nature by sharing this information with others.

  • The high metabolic rate of the hummingbird is necessary in order for the hummingbird to be able to achieve hovering flight.
  • A hummingbird’s metabolism is approximately 100 times that of an elephant.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we humans could have that metabolism?
  • At night the hummingbird will strive to maintain its resting metabolic rate, and the hummingbird may store up to one-third of its weight in nectar to help make sure that it does not starve to death before dawn. 

I can just imagine your utter fascination with these facts mom.  I’m sure you and I would have had quite the conversation about them and it would have led to a continued lively and entertaining discussion on the subject of hummingbirds.  Oh well, this post will serve as my virtual conversation with you and the others who read this.

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