Hummingbird Feeders

What is an Ant Guard?

If you have been into attracting and feeding hummingbirds for some time or if you have just recently gotten into doing so, then you are probably all too aware that ants can be a pesky problem.  While there are many ways to solve this common problem, the best way that I would recommend to solve this problem is through the use of what is known as an ant guard.

Just what is an ant guard?  Quite simply put, the ant guard acts a barrier between the ants and the nectar solution, which therefore prevents the ants from feeding on the nectar.  This will make the hummingbirds happy because they will now only be fighting other hummingbirds to get to their food source rather then the ants as well.

Most feeders on the market today come with built in ant guards, but if the feeder you have did not come with them then you may be able to purchase them as an accessory for your existing feeder.  The best way to find out about this is to check with the manufacturer of the feeder that you own.

I myself would not purchase a feeder that did not have ant guards.  If you did so previously, I hope that this tip will help you solve the problem of ants at your hummingbird feeder.  Maybe now you will be able to more fully enjoy the hummingbirds that visit your feeders.

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