Dear Mom

The Extermination and Makeover

Well, I’m finally back up and running once again.  Sorry for the long period without any new post but it was completely unavoidable and beyond my control.  Let me explain.

Because of work that needed to be completed, I was without Internet access for quite sometime.  Also, this down time was used to help me do some much needed "spring" cleaning and making over of my home.  Things look  absolutely fabulous and I now have so much less clutter.  Yea!  I am trying hard to reform my habit of being a pack rat and holding on to things I really have no use for. 

 To all who read this blog, thank you for stopping by and please visit the site often.  Please forgive my long absence from posting but it couldn’t be helped and I wanted to explain why it occurred. 

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Thank you for such an informative and fun website on hummingbirds. We have lived in Sedona, AZ for 5 years now and are thoroughly enjoying these flying jewels. I think I am feeding the entire neighborhood, though, because in the summer, June through mid-September, I make 28 cups of nectar every other day to fill 4 full size feeders that feed 5 birds each. The show they put on is well worth the sugar I purchase by 25 pound bags. Thanks for your website. Job well done.

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