Dear Mom

A Big Milestone

No matter what day it is mom, I think of you and miss you each and every single day.  Today was no different, but today you were not just on my mind because I was missing you and wishing you and wishing you were here but because something special and important occurred that I would have loved to share with you.  Today marked the first time I was ever interviewed on the subject of hummingbirds.  I was to do a phone interview and share my knowledge of hummingbirds with others. 

You and I always shared a common fascination and interest in the hummingbirds.  There were so many times that we would be outside sitting on the back porch watching the hummingbirds with such amazement and utter fascination and enjoyment.   At that time, I didn’t have the knowledge of hummingbirds that do now to share with you or others.   How I wish that you were still here for me to share with you the knowledge and information that I have since gained though my time of discovering all about the amazing creature known as the hummingbird.  I know that you would have loved to hear all the information that I was able to share with people on the subject of hummingbirds.

Every creature in nature plays some of role in nature.  You would be asking what is the hummingbird’s role? Well, I now know the answer to that question.  The hummingbird has two very important purposes within nature.  One vital role that the hummingbird serves is as a pollinator, because many types of plants and tress would not be able to reproduce without the aid of the hummingbird.  Also hummingbirds serve to transport resources among tropical and temperate ecosystems that are located thousands of miles apart.

I remember you often wondering why only certain hummingbirds had the brightly colored throat feathers.  Well, I now know that is only the male hummingbirds that have these bright throat feathers.  These feathers serve two very important purposes:  to help the male attract a female and to help them defend their territory from other bird.  The females are attracted by the feathers while other males are repelled by it.  The male will use their feathers as part of their territorial displays.

These are just a few of the topics covered during today’s interview.  While I can’t share my knowledge of hummingbirds with you personally, I’m proud to say that I will soon be able to share today’s interview with others.  Once the recording is available, I will share with all of you how and where to your copy.

Thanks for letting me share this milestone with you.  Getting to this point has been a long time goal and dream and so this day is very special to me.  I look forward to continuing to grow in my knowledge of hummingbirds and sharing it with you.  Here’s to the feature and a world of endless possibilities!

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I too am a hummingbird watcher,feeder, admirer and have found them interesting to say the least. We have them here (NW Oregon) year round and in the winter time we simply rotate frozen feeders with fresh ones and in the summer time we watch them fight over food and hover close to us unafraid as they should be.It could be the parents are forcing their young to leave and recently there is a lot of fighting going on in my backyard.

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