Dear Mom

Do Hummingbirds Have Ribs?

You would be amazed at the things that can inspire a post.  I have been having some pain in my ribs lately, although the exact cause of this is unknown, this has sparked my curiosity and caused me to wonder if hummingbirds have ribs or not.  Here is what I discovered on the subject.  I hope you will find it interesting.  This is the type of usual topic that my mom would have enjoyed discovering about, so I think I want to lean the answer in her honor and then share it with others.  

Yes, hummingbirds do indeed have ribs,  In fact, depending on the species of the hummingbird, they usually have eight pair of ribs.  This is more then most others species of birds which usually have six pair of ribs.  In comparison, humans usually have 12 pairs of ribs, which are numbered 1-12.

The purpose of the hummingbird’s ribs is to serve as a a form of protection for the hummingbird’s lung and heart.  In this sense the hummingbird’s ribs have a very similar purpose to that of a humans ribs which is to provide a form of protective covering to our own internal organs.  

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