Dear Mom

Arizona the Hummingbird Haven

If you are a hummingbird enthusiast who also likes to travel and you enjoy photography then you should visit the state of Arizona.  According to photography expect Don Jedlovec , the Shy Islands located in southern Arizona is where 12 of the 13 species of hummingbirds of North America are located and where anyone who is serious about wanting to photograph hummingbirds should go to do so. 

The Sky Islands sound like a place that I would have liked to have visited with my mom.  Being an avid hummingbird enthusiast, I’m certain that she would have loved  to have seen so many of the different hummingbird species which are found in North America in one location.  I personally would have loved to see all the different hummingbird species but I also would have loved the opportunity to try and photograph them and capture their sheer beauty.  That way I could have used my camera, which I call my "memory maker" to help me capture and remember the occasion for a lifetime.

So if you love hummingbirds, travel and photography, the Shy Islands sure sound like the perfect destination for anyone wanting to combine those three hobbies.  If you should ever visit there, please enjoy it on behalf of my mother and me as well.  Until then…happy hummingbird watching everyone!

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