Hummingbird Pictures

Hummingbird Photographs and Getting Better Backgrounds

If you love hummingbirds and have been trying unsuccessfully to capture a really good shot of a hummingbird then you are certainly not alone.  Don’t give up, because doing so successfully requires persistence, patience, and a lot of practice.  Ultimately though, your reward will be a wonderful shot of a hummingbird that you can truly admire and be proud of having taken.  With this in mind, I want to examine the importance that backgrounds play in successful hummingbird photographs.

  • The ability to consistently get a good background is a very common challenge of anyone trying to photograph hummingbirds.  If you are new to hummingbird photography, it is important to remember that even the experts in doing this have at one time or another struggled with this.  They have improved at this over time and with a great deal of practice and so can you.
  • You can set up your feeder about 3 feet in front of your favorite plant and let this serve as your background.
  • You background can be a 16-by- 20-inch board or mat that you hang behind the feeder.

If you enjoy hummingbirds and wish to capture that perfect hummingbird photograph, then keep on trying until you are successful.  If you are having trouble finding the background you want in your photographs, then it is my hope that these few tips will serve to help you improve in this way.

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