Why Layers are Important in a Hummingbird Garden

It is important that your flower garden to consist of many levels of vegetation. The area should have some tall trees, some medium-height trees, some flowers, some grassy areas, as well as some shrubs. This post will explain why creating layers within your hummingbird garden is important.

When you are working to create the layered look of your hummingbird garden, you will want to place the shortest sized plants in the front, then the mid-sized plants in the middle and the tallest sized plants in the back.

There are many advantages to the hummingbird when your hummingbird garden has many layers. There is a feast of plants on which the hummingbird can feed and it is quite easy for the hummingbird to move from one plant to anther in order to feed. It also will offer the widest variety of textures, shapes, sizes and colors at any location within the garden. Also, the different levels will provide the hummingbirds a variety of choices of where to feed or where to perch to rest or roost.

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