The Importance of a Birdbath to a Hummingbird Garden

Hummingbirds love water and having a birdbath is a great element to add to any hummingbird garden. This post will discuss the importance of proper preparation of the birdbath for the hummingbirds.

The birdbath should have a very shallow water depth, between a quarter an a half inch is the maximum level of water you want. This will allow the birds to stand in the water if they choose to do so. Adding some small flat rocks to the birdbath will create different water depths within the birdbath. In addition, you can add pebbles or large-grain sand which will help accommodate both drinking and bathing.

As an added source of water, you can place a mister or sprinkler near the birdbath. The hummingbirds will enjoy this as well as the birdbath.

Having a source of water in your hummingbird garden is important. Having this element in your garden will help entice the hummingbirds to remain in your garden larger and therefore allow you more time to enjoy their presence and beauty.

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