Why Do Hummingbirds Prefer Flight over Perching?

Most people probably have the mistaken idea that hummingbirds are in constant and perpetual motion. I myself had this mistaken idea until I began researching and writing about hummingbirds. Yes, hummingbirds do spend a great deal of time in flight, usually while they are feeding, but hummingbirds also spend time perched.   
Hummingbirds spend much of their time perched rather then in flight. You will usually see hummingbirds perched at your feeders when they are feeding. Hummingbirds will also spend some time perched to survey their territory and surroundings. They will also often perch while visiting a birdbath. 
It may surprise you to discover that hummingbirds have very poorly developed feet and therefore they can barely walk at all. This is the most likely reason why hummingbirds prefer flight rather then being perched somewhere. The hummingbird is much more comfortable in flight. 

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