The Importance of Water to All Birds

Water is extremely important to all types of birds, regardless of if the birds are feeder visitors or not. By providing a dependable source of water to the birds you will accomplish many things. This post will discuss them.

By providing a dependable source of water for the birds you are likely to increase the wide variety of birds which will likely visit your yard. Having the source of water will also allow you to enjoy watching the birds preen, bathe and even drink because the birds will remain there longer then otherwise.

Having a dependable source of water available is also vital because bathing is so vital to birds. Bathing allows a way for the birds to properly maintain their feathers and therefore remain in the best possible condition for flight.

Also, having a source of water available helps enable the birds to properly regulate their body temperature. This is extremely vital because birds do not have the ability to sweat. Do you find that to be surprising? I myself do because I did not know this until doing research for this post. As a result of the fact that birds do not sweat, excess heat is removed through the bird’s respiratory system. If a bird’s body temperature rises to an extreme level this can cause the bird’s respiratory rate to increase and this will sometimes cause the bird to pant like a dog and thus cause the bird to be come dehydrated. If this occurs, a reliable source of water is necessary to ensure that the bird can replenish lost fluids.

Providing a fountain, mister or birdbath will not only allow you more time to enjoy watching all the birds which visit your yard, but it may also literally help safe a bird’s life one day.

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