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Do Hummingbirds Sweat?

A friend and I were recently talking about the very high temperatures and humidity that we commonly experience during the “dog days” of summer here in southeast Texas. We both remarked about how we hate this because it causes us to sweat a great deal. Each of us commented how the high heat and humidity is hard for us to stand and then our discussion turned to how the summer must be rough physically on a birds’ body and may even endanger its life.

My friend is well aware that I am a hummingbird enthusiast and as a result have a great deal of knowledge on the subject of hummingbirds. This provided me the perfect opportunity to share with my friend that birds do not sweat. This was an amazing fact to her and she wanted to know more about this issue.

Because birds do not sweat, excess heat is removed through the bird’s respiratory system. An extremely high body temperature may result in the bird’s respiratory rate increasing and this can sometimes result in the bird panting like a dog and this will result in the bird becoming dehydrated. If this occurs, a reliable source of water is necessary to ensure that the bird can replenish lost fluids.

Whenever I discover new interesting information about hummingbirds, I always look forward to sharing it with others, especially the readers of this blog. Those who know me are well aware of my love of hummingbirds and therefore they are usually interested in what my latest discovery on the subject of hummingbirds has been. This topic hopefully will be no different so I can share this knowledge further with others.

This is also the kind of information my mom would have enjoyed knowing as well and therefore as I write this post I cannot help but have thoughts of her running through my mind. Thanks mom for the love of hummingbirds that we shared! It continues to live and thrive within me and it is my passion to pass my knowledge of hummingbirds along to all who are interested.

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