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The Green Violet Eared Hummingbird


The Green Violet Eared Hummingbird can be found at elevations as high as 13,000 feet. This is a tropical species of hummingbird which is known to breed from Mexico south to Bolivia.

Here is a fact about the Green Violet Eared Hummingbird that you will most likely find quite surprising. I know this information was completely unexpected to me. There have been two to documented occurrences of the Green Violet Eared Hummingbird in the North Carolina mountains. One took place in Asheville in late October of 1987. The other occurred in Burnsville in September of 1995.

The factual information for this post came from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. I wish to give proper credit for this information.

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Kurt and Sharon Meisenzahl had (documented) a Green-violet eared hummingbird in their Lawton, Oklahoma backyard in 1998.

I enjoyed reading this post so much that I wished it was longer. Very interesting writing style!

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