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Water Concerns and Hummingbird Nectar Solution

Are you concerned that your tap water contains heavy chemicals and that this may make the water unsafe to use when making homemade hummingbird nectar solution? If so, this post will provide you with the information you seek on how to solve this issue.

If you wish to avoid the use of tap water because you fear it contains heavy chemicals, you can use either bottled or purified water as an alternative water source when making homemade nectar solution. You can also boil your tap water as a way to purify it prior to adding the sugar to it. All these things will help ensure that your water source has been purified and that heavy chemicals in it will not cause the nectar solution to be unsafe for the hummingbirds that you wish to attract to your yard.

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Thank you is all I have to say. I appreciate a well written blog like yours. You have really put time, patience and work into it and it shows. I do look forward to more. Thanks for sharing.

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