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The Blue-throated Hummingbird

Someone recently asked me what is the largest hummingbird species found in the United States? I must admit that I did not know the answer at the time this question was asked of me. This prompted me to do some research so that I could return to my friend with the correct answer to their question. Here is what I discovered as a result of my research.

The Blue-throated Hummingbird is the largest hummingbird species found in the United States. It is three times larger then the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, weighing an astounding 7.6 grams. This species of hummingbird measures 5 inches long and has an 8 inch wingspan.

The bird is uniformly gray below, with a bronze rump and an oversized blackish tail with large white corners. It is not easy to see the blue on the male’s throat, despite the hummingbird’s name. Relative of the Blue-throated Hummingbird, the Amethyst-throated Hummingbird and others, typically have plumage showing a higher degree of sexual dimorphism, and more extensive iridescence.

A Blue-throated Hummingbird at a flower
A Blue-throated Hummingbird at a flower

All factual information contained in this post comes from the National Audubon Society and I wish to give proper credit for the information found here.

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