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A Hummingbird’s Heart Size

Hummingbirds are so small that it seems impossible that any of their organs could weigh very much. This got me to wondering, just how much does a hummingbird’s heart actually weigh? Here is what I discovered on the topic and I hope you will find it to be quite fascinating.

It is impossible to give you an exact weight of a hummingbird’s heart, but I can tell you that a hummingbird’s heart weighs 2.5% of the bird’s total body weight. The exact weight of the heart would vary slightly due to the fact that different species weigh different amounts and even within the same species the male and female weigh different amounts.

It may even surprise you to discover that the human heart is not very big at all, as it is no bigger then a clinched fist, and only weighs between 9-11 ounces. How can something so small be so powerful and manage to keep us alive? A diseased human heart can weigh up to 2.2 pounds.

It is these kinds of little know facts about hummingbirds that never cease to amaze and fascinate me. That must be do to the fact that I am a huge trivia buff, on just about any subject but especially hummingbirds. This is the kind of information that I know my mom and oldest brother would want to know about along with me.

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