Moving Water Sources Attract Hummingbirds

Many people are aware that hummingbirds like water, but you may be surprised to discover that hummingbirds prefer a moving water source.  This is easier to provide then you might think.  It can be done through the use of sprinklers, misters, fountains, water falls and drippers.  Hummingbirds often like to preen or fly through a moving water source as a way to bathe or cool themselves off.  

It will also help you attract more hummingbirds if the water source is kept clean and the water is fresh.  It is all so recommended that the water source is placed near nectar rich flowers, because this will help entice the hummingbirds to visit your yard. 

Why not try providing some of these various types of moving water sources as a way to help you attract the hummingbirds?  When I was growing up, my mom only had a fountain in the back yard as a source of water for the hummingbirds birds to use.  I don’t think that that it ever really occurred to my mom to use any of the other moving water sources listed above.  You can bet that if she were still alive today that I would be telling her about them and then watching even more hummingbirds flock to our yard,  

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