More Then One Nest

Even in nature, it seems as if a mother’s work is never done. Did you know that it is possible for the female hummingbird to care for more than one nest at the same time? This surprising fact is something which I myself just recently discovered. The female might be building another nest at the same she is caring for her young hatchlings. I am uncertain if this is something that is true of all hummingbird species or not. I was unable to discover the answer while researching the topic.   
Are you as surprised by this discovery as I am? Even with the knowledge of hummingbirds that I have gained, this is something which I was surprised to discover. I assumed that the female’s full attention would be on the care, feeding and rearing of the young. While this is still a very important priority, it appears that the female hummingbird is also working to ensure the overall survival of the species.
Also, why would the female not use the same nest more then once? Even if the nest was in need of repair, wouldn’t doing so be more time efficient then building a new nest from scratch? After all, the birds would likely remain in the area, assuming that the food supply remained plentiful until migration season, right?
If anyone out there knows the answers to these questions, please share them. I for one would greatly appreciate it and I’m sure others would also.  Thanks!

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