Hummingbird Food

What is Natural Pest Control?

Natural pest control is nature’s version of insect repellant without the use of harmful chemicals. Traditional pesticides are harmful to hummingbirds and should never be used because the hummingbird can ingest the pesticide while feeding on insects and spiders.  Plants such as marigold and mint will act as natural insect repellents.
Attracting lady bugs to your garden is another method of natural pest control. The following plants are known to attract lady bugs:  Angelica, Caraway, Cilantro, Coreopsis, Cosmos (particularly white), Dandelions, Dill, Fennel, Geraniums, Tansy and Yarrow. It is also possible to purchase ladybugs from some garden supply stores. You would need to ask the ones in your area to see if they sell them.
Why not give natural pest control a try in your hummingbird garden? It is simple change to make and it will help insure that the plants in your garden are a safe food source for the hummingbirds that visit your garden.

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