Hummingbird Trivia

I am continually looking for new and interesting information about hummingbirds. No matter how often or where I look for this information, I’m always finding and learning things about the hummingbird that I never knew before. The information listed below is an example of this. I hope you will find this information fascinating, informative and even educational.
  • The first commercial hummingbird feeder was invented in 1929 and offered for sale in 1950.
  • The oldest known hummingbird was a female broad-tail, banded twice, 12 years apart
  • A major food source of the hummingbird’s diet is small insects and spiders, up to 500 per day.
  • Hummingbird wings beat 50 to 60 times a second in normal flight.
I hope you will enjoy these trivia facts about hummingbirds. Let me know if you have any interesting facts about hummingbirds that you would like to share with others. 

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Yes, indeed there is always room for improvement. Thanks for the input. I will work more to incorporate more visual materials into the blog post.

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