Fun Facts About the Humminbird’s Tongue

The hummingbird’s tongue is quite long. Just how long may surprise you. This post will tell you that and more about a hummingbird’s tongue.

A hummingbird uses its tongue to lick up nectar. One source stated that a hummingbird’s tongue can be thought of as being a straw with a slot cut in it. The hummingbird licks up nectar at the rapid rate of approximately 13 licks per second.The tongue of the hummingbird is actually quite long at roughly twice the length of the bird’s bill or 3/4 of an inch long. Female hummingbirds’ tongues are longer then the males.

The hummingbird’s tongue is vital to its survival. It is my hope that this post as given you some more information about the hummingbird’s tongue.

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