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How Much Time Does a Hummingbird Feed at a Feeder?

Hummingbird feeders are a great way to entice a hummingbird to your yard. Have you ever wondered how much time a hummingbird actually spends feeding at a hummingbird feeder versus other food sources? This post will provide you with the surprising answer.

Many studies would indicate that birds which have easy access to feeders only use the feeders to supply 20% of their daily rations of food. Birds are known to instinctively forage for food by visiting a wide variety of locations during the day and they will never become dependent on one particular source of food. So do not worry if your feeders should become empty or should need to be removed for any reason because the birds will find an alternate food source.

In fact, hummingbirds prefer natural nectar sources over artificial ones when the natural nectar supply is abundant. When it comes to selecting a food source, what is most important is the quantity and quality of the nectar which is available. Whenever choosing a flower, the hummingbird will select the flower with the highest nectar output and the richest concentration of sugars, regardless of the shape or color of the flower. Also, more important than the color of the flower is how the nectar taste.

Once the natural nectar supply is available in less abundance, the hummingbirds will once again return to your feeders for their food supply. The birds are appreciative of it and you will begin to see them appear with greater regularity as the natural nectar supply becomes less plentiful. Do not stop putting out hummingbird feeders just because it does not seem that the birds are visiting it very often. Eventually, the birds will be looking for it as a food source and its availability could help the hummingbirds very survival by helping prevent the birds from starving to death, which can happen in as little as two hours.

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