Cuban Emerald Hummingbird

The name of the Cuban Emerald Hummingbird fascinates me and even brings to mind my mom who loved hummingbirds and  had various types of jewelery, including emeralds.  This particular hummingbird can be said to be one of the various jewels of the hummingbird word.  Here is some fascinating information about this species.

The Cuban Emerald Hummingbird lives in the woodlands and can be found in the Northern Bahamas, Cuba, and although quite rare it is even known to be a vagrant of southern Florida.

One thing that is unique about both sexes of the Cuban Emerald Hummingbird, both sexes are known to have a white spot behind their eyes.

Here is what you should look for if you are ever fortunate enough to spot a male or female Cuban Emerald Hummingbird.  The information is intended to assist you in your identification of the species.

The male Cuban Emerald Hummingbird is green in color, which is probably obvious from its name, has a blackish colored tail and white under tailcoverts, the lower mandible is mostly pinkish in color and their tail is forked.

The female Cuban Emerald Hummingbird is said to be green to bronze-green above and dusty violet on the tail.

My mom love things of beauty and brilliance, so I am certain that she would have appreciated the Cuban Emerald Hummingbird as a true jewel of nature.  While it is extremely unlikely that she would have ever had the opportunity to view one firsthand, I feel certain she would have loved discovering about this hummingbird species and I hope that you will also.

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Can a humming bird be both male and female? I just saw that some place there was found that was both male and female.

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