Hummingbird Pictures

Why Use a Hummingbird Blind?

Hummingbirds move so quickly that it is often difficult or almost impossible to capture that ever elusive photograph that you desire.  Successfully accomplishing this task will likely take a great deal of time and willingness to wait before your efforts will be rewarded, so you may as well be comfortable while you do so.  This post will offer some suggestions on things that you can do to get closer to the hummingbirds you want to photograph and how to be comfortable while taking the photographs you desire.

The use of a portable “outhouse” type of hummingbird blind can be quite helpful.  This type of blind is commonly called a “hide.”  This allows you to remain out of sight of the hummingbird and thus you will be far less likely to startle the bird with your actions.

The blind should be placed between the feeder and the sun in the late evening so you will not have to worry about the feeder being in the shade.

The blind should be up at least a day before you take the photos. This will allow the birds will become used to it being there. There is no time limit as to how long the blind can remain up, as long as the birds remain in your area.

Keep this in mind, sudden movement or motion startles hummingbirds. That is why the use of a hummingbird blind is useful when trying to take photos of hummingbirds because your movements will be far less likely to startle the hummingbirds and you will therefore be more likely to capture the hummingbird photograph you desire.

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