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Are Hummingbirds Born With Feathers?

Are hummingbirds born with feathers? In this post you will discover the surprising answer.

Are hummingbirds are born with feathers? I must admit that I never even considered this question until someone asked me this recently. I assumed, I knew the answer, but decided to do some research on the matter before answering the question. I am so glad that I took the time to research this topic or my answer would have been wrong. The surprising results of my findings are discussed in this post.

When baby hummingbirds are born they have no feathers and their skin is darker then that of an adult hummingbird. By the time the young bird is only nine days old it will be covered in tiny feathers and it will also be able to maintain its own body temperature, which the young hummingbird could not do prior to this. At only two weeks of age a young hummingbird will begin looking like an adult hummingbird.

As a person who has studied and discovered a vast amount of information on the subject of hummingbirds, I find it somewhat embarrassing to admit that I did not know the answer to this question without doing some research on the subject. This just goes to show that it is impossible for anyone to know absolutely everything about any given topic no matter their knowledge level on a particular topic. It is also one of the many reasons that I am continually fascinated by the subject of hummingbirds and why I always look forward to sharing all that I discover along the way with all the readers of this blog.

Lastly, I would have loved being able to share this information with my mom. This is the type of little known facts that would have certainly captured her attention. While you are often on my mind mom, thoughts of you seem to especially come to mind as I write the content for this blog, because our shared love and enjoyment of hummingbirds will always serve as yet another way of commenting us to one another.

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