Albino Hummingbirds : Fact or Myth?

Albino hummingbirds are rare buy they do exist. Albino hummingbirds are not a separate species of hummingbird. The albinism is of a hummingbird caused by a genetic change that prevents the formation of dark-colored pigment in feathers. This is a very rare occurrence. There are varying degrees of albinism.   
Generally speaking, hummingbirds usually live to be between three and five years old. One of the oldest known hummingbirds on record lived to be over twelve years old, as was known as the result of banding studies and the fact that this bird had been banded twice. Typically, albino hummingbirds don’t live long. This is because they often have poor eyesight and more brittle feathers then other hummingbirds and this causes them to have a reduced flying ability.
Because albino hummingbirds are so rare, it isn’t very likely that most of us will have the privilege or opportunity to see one in our lifetime. But then again, maybe a few of us will be fortunate enough to enjoy the privilege of viewing one or maybe you yourself have already seen one before. If so, please let us know about it or just send us any comments you may have on the subject of albino hummingbirds.

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spotted a very pale gray hummer at my feeder this afternoon (09/08/09) in Denton, Tx (NE Texas). I have NEVER seen one before so went on-line to see if I’d lost my mind. I will try to capture him/her on film if at all possible. Glad to see that he/she appeared to be thriving…and that I was not crazy. They DO exist!!

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This post about albino hummingbirds was written based on materials that were read in books as well as through extensive online research. No, I personally have never been fortunate enough to view an albino hummingbird.

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