Dear Mom

Day of Destruction

Today is the day that the maintenance workers at the apartment are tearing apart my bathroom and one wall in my kitchen. Today is a day you would be enjoying mom, not because it is happening to me, but if you would be allowed to take part in the demolition, destruction and even the eventual repairs. It was recently discovered that there is a water leak within the walls of mine and my next door neighbor’s apartments. Apparently, my neighbor’s apartment is the cause of the problem and is therefore far worse then mine. There is no telling how long the situation has existed, but it must have recently become bad enough that the problem must now be addressed and repaired.
At this point, it is not known how long it will take for the problems to be properly fixed and repaired. This means that I will be unable to use my kitchen and bathroom. Normally, this would mean that I would have to leave my apartment entirely and go stay with relatives, but not this time.
You see, my boyfriend, Donald, just recently moved in to an apartment in the same building and has an apartment located on the third floor. This means that I can go use his bathroom whenever necessary and I can cook our meals in his apartment. There are so many reasons why I love having Donald live right upstairs from me, but in a situation like this it sure does make things easier to deal with.   
While I know the work must be repaired and completed, I can’t help but feel somewhat frustrated and even somewhat displaced at the same time. Ever since this whole matter began earlier today, I have thought of so many numerous reasons why I need to either get into the bathroom or kitchen. Why is that? It probably happens to all of us whenever we must do without something for even a short time, but it certainly seems somewhat more challenging to me because I’m in a wheelchair.
So mom, if you could please, look down on the situation and see that the work gets done accurately but also as quickly as humanly possible. I wish you could even be here to assist them with all the work, because doing so would have been something you would have loved doing. Don’t worry mom, because you have successfully passed your love of carpentry, woodworking, repairs, etc. along to Karin and the skills are very secure within her capable hands.

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