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Photographing a Hummingbird at a Flower

Capturing a clear photo of a hummingbird can be a very difficult thing to do. These birds are amazingly quick and do not remain in one place for very long, so this task is often made even more difficult. If you want to photograph a hummingbird feeding at a particular flower, then the information that follows should be of help in your efforts to do so.
One thing to do is to put some nectar in the flower. That’s right, add a little sugar water to the flower you want the hummingbird to stay at long enough for you to get your shot. You can add the nectar to the flower by using a syringe. You will want to grind or file the sharp point off of the syringe, fill it full of sugar water and dispense some into the flower you want the hummingbird to drink from. This will make the hummingbird stop at the flower and sip for a little while, thus allowing g your lens enough time to get good focus and giving you enough time to get a few shots. This method can also be used to get hummingbirds to visit certain flowers more often. 
It is my hope that this information will improve your changes of getting a good shot of a hummingbird from a particular flower. If you are like me, you too like capturing those special moments or events on film so that you will have a tangible reminder the memory to last a lifetime.

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