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Flower Pot Choices for Hanging Baskets

When using hanging baskets to attract hummingbirds, there are other considerations besides specific plant characteristics that you must consider if you are to have success at it. This is what this today’s blog post will help you discover. After all, your goal is to try and attract the hummingbirds and to try and entire them to feed while visiting your plants. That is how this particular topic relates to hummingbird feeding, so I hope you will keep these suggestions in mind if you should decide to try using hanging baskets as a way to try and draw the hummingbirds to your yard.
You will want to consider the type of planter that you will use. There are many varieties of planters available. The most popular hanging planters are made of wire, terra cotta, glazed ceramic, wood or plastic. One choice is a wire mesh basket lined with sphagnum moss and filled with potting soil.   Another choice is the use of unglazed terra cotta pots. With this type of flower pot, you must water them frequently and hang them securely from a sturdy support. 
Ceramic hanging pots come in many colors, including red or orange, which can be used to attract hummingbirds. This type of planter often has a saucer to catch water and therefore help the plant retain moisture. You can also use wooden containers that have been painted red or orange and that are made from rot resistant redwood, cedar or cypress. Plastic pots are another alternative in which to create your hanging baskets, because they are lightweight, versatile and affordable.
It is also important to remember that any type of hanging basket will weigh more when wet than when it is not wet.   It is important that the hanging basket be fastened securely overhead with sturdy hooks or screw eyes over a strong support. If your pot doesn’t have its own hanger, use galvanized wire or chain to suspend it from the desired location. Make sure to place the hanging basket in a spot that will offer enough support for the plant and won’t place too much stain on the surface below.
Hanging baskets are a simple, effective and space-saving way for anyone to attract hummingbirds to their yard. It is my hope that the information contained here will help you realize that you too can enjoy seeing hummingbirds in your yard, no matter how limited the amount of space available to you.

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