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Yet More Amazing Hummingbird Facts

This post will provide the reader with some interesting and amazing facts about hummingbirds that you might not yet know. Mom, this is the kind of information that you and I always enjoyed discovering, so this was written with all the people like us in mind.   You, mom,  are no longer with us in person, but I would like to believe that you are looking down on me and are aware of all the work that I’m doing about hummingbirds. It is my hope that anyone reading this will find the information as fascinating as I myself did.
Hummingbirds have the ability to hover better than any other species of bird due to the unusual structure of their wings. They have the ability to do so because their wings are permanently fixed and rigid, except at the shoulder joint, which allows the wing to move freely in all directions.
When hovering, a hummingbird’s wing moves forward, and then the leading edge rotates nearly 180 degrees and moves back again. This wing movement causes the tips of the wings to trace a horizontal figure eight in the air.
Hummingbirds are often known as living jewels. This is because the feathers of the hummingbird are the most specialized of any bird feathers. On the throat of a hummingbird it is only the outer third of each feather that is iridescent, due to the fact that it is this part of the feather that contains platelets which are filled with air bubbles. The platelets partially reflect back light, thus causing the brilliant colors that are seen on hummingbirds.
One interesting fact that I discovered while doing research for this article is that mites will hitchhike on a hummingbird. Mites grow and reproduce within the blooms of many flowers by feeding on the nectar and pollen of these plants. Whenever a flower stops blooming and no longer contains nectar, the mite must move on and they do so by catching a ride while on the hummingbird.
As a hummingbird sucks nectar from a flower, the mites run onto the bird’s bill and into the hummingbird’s nostrils. The mite only remains on the hummingbird for a short time, until the hummingbird visits another flower of the same species as the one the mite just left.
Albino hummingbirds exist. Albino hummingbirds are not a separate species of hummingbird. Albinism is caused by a genetic change that prevents the formation of dark-colored pigment in feathers. This is a very rare occurrence. There are varying degrees of albinism.    Typically, albino hummingbirds don’t live long. This is because they often have poor eyesight and more brittle feathers then other hummingbirds and this causes them to have a reduced flying ability.
I hope that this post has helped you discover some very fascinating facts about hummingbirds. Believe me, there is no shortage of interesting information about hummingbirds to be found these days. Both my mom and I always loved discovering new and interesting information or trivia facts, so I know how much this information would have truly fascinated her. I hope that you will enjoy it as well. Is there anything here that shocked or amazed you to discover? If so or if you have something to add, please feel free to add your comment. We want to hear from you, because your comments help add valuable content to this blog. 

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