Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbird Feeders Can Be Decorative

My mom was always looking for various ways to beautify the yard while also helping to attract many more hummingbirds.  She would use a wide variety of plants and hummingbird feeders.  While many of the hummingbird feeders she had were the traditional glass ones ones with red on them, the feeder you select does not have to be red.  It is a well known fact that red will capture the attention of the hummingbirds, but once they discover your feeder they will visit your feeder regardless of what color the feeder turns out to be.

There are many decorative feeders on the market today.  I have seen some with elaborate designs on them, some that are made of plastic, colored glass, brass and even wooden hummingbird feeders.  My mom had many traditional glass hummingbird feeders that had red on them, but one of the last ones she ever received had three blue glass bulbs and you could fill each of them with nectar.  The hummingbirds seemed to like the blue feeder just as much as any of the others in our yard. 

Whenever I look at hummingbird feeders myself, I am personally more drawn to the more decorative ones because they are just so beautiful and it makes me think that it is my way of trying to help beautify the area in which it will hang.  It also makes me think of my mom and wish that I could purchase a particularly beautiful one just for her because she would admire its sheer beauty and in some small way I would be doing my part to attract the birds that we both enjoy.

My point is this, if you find a really pretty but more decorative looking hummingbird feeder that you like do not let the fact that it has a more decorative or elaborate appearance discourage you from purchasing it.  You will appreciate its beauty and it can also enhance the beauty of your yard, but you will still attract the hummingbirds that you enjoy so much.  The hummingbirds will eventually find it, especially if you have it hanging near some flowers or plants that they like or if they are aware that you have provided food for them before. 

Thanks mom for giving me such a love of hummingbirds.  It is just one of the many ways that I remain so connected to you even now and I know that this will never change.

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