Hummingbird Feeders

Avoid the Color Yellow On Your Feeder

Anyone who is a hummingbird enthusiast is probably all too aware that both bees and wasp are some of the most common pest that often visit your hummingbird feeders.  It is often a constant and never ending battle to keep these pest away from your feeders and in the past  I have discussed a wide variety of ways you can try and detour them, but today I want to focus on another method which is surprisingly simple which you may have never even thought of before.  What exactly is this surprising discovery?

The shockingly simple way to help and detour the bees and wasps from frequenting your hummingbird feeder is to avoid having yellow on it.  It is just that simple,don’t have yellow on the feeder.  Why should you avoid having yellow on the feeder?  Both bees and wasp find the color yellow to be quite attractive which then attracts them to the feeder, but they do not find the color red attractive and will therefore be less likely to visit your feeders. 

If the feeder you currently using has those plastic bee guards or flowers, then I suggest that you paint them red using non-toxic paint to help lesson the attractiveness of the feeder to the bees and wasp and yet the hummingbirds you are trying so hard to attract will still visit your feeders.

Who knew that the yellow found on your feeders could be yet another thing which was causing the bees and wasp to be so attracted to your feeder.  It is so simple to avoid so why not do yourself and the hummingbirds a favor by doing so.

This shockingly simple solution would have been of great interest to my mom who was an extremely practical  women by nature and who was therefore always looking for simple and effective ways to accomplish things.  I can easily envision her having shared her new found knowledge with any other hummingbird enthusiast she might have known.  Well mom, since you are unable to do so yourself, I will pass this knowledge along for you to all who read this post.

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