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How Quickly Does Nectar Spoil?

How quickly the nectar will spoil in your hummingbird feeder depends on what the temperature is outside.  If the temperature is 80 degrees or over, you will then need to change the nectar solution and refill the feeder every three to four days.  If the temperature reaches 90 degrees or above, then that may need to be done every two days or so.

If your nectar solution appears cloudy then the solution has spoiled and must be changed.  You will also need to change the nectar solution and clean the feeder if it appears to have black mold in it. 

Maintaining a hummingbird feeder is a simple and easy way to attract hummingbirds, but doing so comes with the responsibility of properly maintaining the feeder.  Do so and you will help ensure the heath and safety of the hummingbirds as well as also being able to continually enjoy the birds’ presence in your yard for sometime to come.

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