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How lightweight is a Hummingbird Band?

Here is a little known and astounding piece of hummingbird trivia.  It takes an amazing 5,500 hummingbird bands to weigh one ounce.  As a trivia lover and hummingbird enthusiast, I just had to share this obscure fact with all of you.  This piece of trivia would have fascinated my mother also.  Since the birds themselves don’t weigh too much I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked by the very large number of bands required to weigh one ounce, but nevertheless I find myself shaking my head in utter amazement.  What about you?

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Here is some information about this blog. It is dedicated to the memory of my late mother with whom I shared the love of hummingbirds. This blog was started following my mother’s death but I see it as a way of keeping her memory alive while sharing my knowledge and love of hummingbirds with all who visit the site. Also, it allows me the opportunity to share a little about my life with others through writing about various events that occur as if I could share them with my mom. Thanks for asking to know a little more about the site and please visit quite often as new content is continually being added on a regular basis.

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