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Estimating the Number of Hummingbirds at Your Feeders

Have you ever wondered how many hummingbirds were coming to your feeder? Did you think you had to count every bird to know the answer to this question? There is a very simple way to get this estimate and it is explained below. 

According to studies by noted hummingbird specialists, to estimate how many hummingbirds are visiting your feeders, multiply the number of hummingbirds you see at one time at your feeders and multiply that by six.

Isn’t that simple and straightforward? You can now quickly and easily estimate the number of hummingbirds that are visiting your feeders. I hope that you are fortunate enough to have many hummingbirds visiting them! 

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I wish to thank authour and hummingbird expert Sheri Williamson for her comment on this blog. Thanks for also directing me and my reader’s to a post on your site that correctly explains how to calculate the number of hummingbirds at your feeders. Here below is the link to Sherri Williamson’s post.

“Running the hummer numbers”

Thanks also for telling me about the page on red dye.

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to point out the error of my post. Your information and ensight is greatly appreciated.

To all of you who visit this blog, I sincerely regret the error. I strive to always provide the reader with accurate and current information.

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