Dear Mom

Tropical Storm Edouard

Southeast Texas experienced Tropical Storm Edouard earlier today. Luckily, the storm never reached hurricane strength. Yea! The storm did have sustained winds of 65mph and some rain. Thankfully, the rain totals were not nearly as great as was originally predicted. This area received between 2 ½ and 3 inches of rain rather then the 8-10 inches that were initially predicted.
Thus far, all my family members that I have spoken too made it though the storm relatively well. My dad said that there were numerous tree limbs down in the yard and that one tree had fallen down, but that no damage had been done to the house. That is very good, because dad doesn’t need the hassle or stress of having to deal with that kind of matter.
My nephew, Duff, said that he and his girlfriend, Tiffany, made it through the storm just fine and that they had never even lost power as a result of the storm. Duff was enjoying a day off from his classes at the university because it was closed due to the storm, and Tiffany had the day off so they were getting to spend the day together.
As for me, the main parts of the apartment building where my boyfriend and I live were without power for a few hours earlier today. As a result, the elevators and the main lights in the building were not working for several hours. Since I’m in a wheelchair, this meant that I couldn’t get downstairs to my own apartment for a while. Normally, that wouldn’t have been a problem, but I just keep thinking what if there was a family emergency and my family needed to come get me because of it. 
My boyfriend is a weather fanatic and loves to follow the changes in the weather whenever there is a storm or hurricane to track, so he was enjoying tracking the storm and hearing what was likely to happen. I personally hate this time of year and wish that we could eliminate June –November from the colander for this very reason! Since that is impossible, I just keep praying that we make it though this time of year unharmed once again.
My mom would have also enjoyed watching the storm. She always did love a good thunderstorm, so today’s storm would have been right up her ally. She and Donald could have had a ball watching it together. I would have preferred to sleep through it myself and forget it ever happened at all.
I wonder if this is going to do more to cause a further decline in the local hummingbird population. I certainly hope not, because it has been in such a state of decline since Hurricane Rita that any further decline in the hummingbird population would be devastating and something that would be extremely difficult to rebound from.

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