Dear Mom

Hummingbird Behavior

Mom this video made me think of you., because this is exactly the type of video that you would have enjoyed being able to view.   So mom, I’d like to believe that in heaven we are still able to enjoy all the same things that we did while here on this Earth.  If this is true, I know that you are up there enjoying this video right along with the rest of us.

This video is about the courtship of Anna’s hummingbird or  Calypte annae.  The courtship of this bird is marked by the extraordinary display of the male soaring and diving in flight. After mating, the female gathers materials to build a nest and lays two eggs. Once hatched, the chicks are fed predigested food.

This is the type of video that truly fascinates me, because it is so rare for the average individual to ever have the opportunity to witness the courtship of  any species of hummingbird.  Enjoy the video and happy hummingbird watching  everyone!  Until next time…

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