Dear Mom Hummingbirds

The Rapid Nature of a Hummingbird’s Wings

The beat of a hummingbird’s wing is undetectable to the human eye, because it occurs at such a rapid rate that it is appears to be nothing but a blur. The rapid nature of the hummingbird’s wing beats is what gives the hummingbird its name due to the humming sound that the wings make as they beat. The exact rate at which this occurs will depend on the direction of flight and air conditions, but the normal rate at which this occurs is between 50 and 200 beats per second.

Do you find that as astonishing as I do? It is this kind of information that never ceases to amaze and fascinate me. This is also the kind of unique information that my mom would have enjoyed discovering about hummingbirds. Since she is no longer living, I will take this opportunity to share it with all the readers of this blog.