Dear Mom Hummingbirds

Where Are Hummingbirds Not Found and More?

I was recently discussing the subject of hummingbirds with a friend and during our conversation I was explaining about the different places in the world where no hummingbirds are found. My friend was surprised by this information and this got me to thinking that you might be as well. This is the kind of information that I know my mom would have enjoyed discovering, so I cannot help but think of her as I write this post.

No hummingbird species are found in Hawaii. Also, you will not find any hummingbirds in Africa, Asia, Europe or Australia. As a person who so enjoys and is fascinated by hummingbirds, I wish these amazing creatures were found all over the world, but if they are not found where you live you will have to travel to be able to witness and experience these astonishing creatures.

Since you now know where hummingbirds are not found, you may be wondering where these birds can be found. Well, I have the answer for you. The simple answer is that hummingbirds are found only in the Americas. According to the website, hummingbirds are found in the New world. The range of the hummingbird covers from Alaska to the southern tip of South America and includes the islands of the Caribbean. The vast majority of the 340 or so known species of hummingbirds are found Columbia, Brazil and Ecuador.

According to hummingbird expert Sheri L. Williamson, there are some 17 different species of hummingbirds which are found in the United States. This represents only 5 percent of the world’s hummingbird species. While this is only a small percentage of the world’s total number of hummingbird species, I myself am thrilled that we are fortunate enough to get to enjoy these amazing birds.

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed discovering some fascinating information about where it is that hummingbirds are not found and where these birds are indeed found. So as you can see, not everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy these birds. Please take advantage of every opportunity you have to watch and enjoy these fascinating birds.